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The day I almost died!

Most people face SL as a funny thing, but sometimes SL can be dangerous…

My best friend Gozii told me she had taken SL driving licence and asked one of Matteo’s cars to test.
I thought ok… it’s SL, so no danger…

The moment she engaged the engine, it took ages and her heel stuck on the pedal.
I started to become scared!
 When she release her foot, she started driving turning the wheel right and left like out of control.
Each curve was made really tight, making me panic!
Matt on the other hand seemd it was nothing with him, that he was not nervous.
Suddently, she takes off the hands from the steering wheel, and starts screaming she forgot to go to the manicure.
That was the moment I felt my heart coming out of my mouth!
I looked to the front and I started screaming but no sound came out of my mouth!
For a second, I saw my whole SL life passing through my pixel eyes and felt all my pixels shiver…
I was doomed… Matt was doomed… Gozii was doomed…
THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!! I suddently could hear a strangled sound while my mind screaming for help
Matt seemed to wake up, screaming that his car was a “mesh”, what I took as it was in a mess.
Gozii were standing still… pale… her eyes were staring to the wall… not even a sound… not even a blink…
Next time we go by plane Matt said… and I said ok… and log off.
(I am still young to be worried with my heart)
(TY Gozii and Matt for this great time!!!)
Have a great weekend all!!!!